Solat Istikharah


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Ramadan Mubarak

I would like to ask my brothers and sisters regarding solat istikharah. I never had a relationship before and now that I'm 25 I feel my time to marry is very close. I have been going out for dinners with my colleague for a month and we had admitted to each other that we do have feelings for each other but we still need to know each other better before being together, so officially, we are not a couple.*!

My problem is I cannot stop thinking of him and it's affecting my daily life, so I decided to solat istikharah. The first night I felt calm and peaceful, so it's a good message for me to wait patiently for him. I started feeling doubtful again later on, so again I solat istikharah, but I was feeling very distracted by work problems and fatigue that I felt it wasn't done properly and I just feel more confused.*!

I will solat istikharah again because I don't like this feeling of doubt and I need Allah's help. If he really is not the one for me, I need to suppress my feelings for him and find the strength to tell him to stop asking me out for dates, and us being colleagues, it would definitely result in awkwardness.*!

My question is how have your results for solat istikharah been? We can only hope and fear Allah's greatness. So how has Allah guide you in making decisions this way? Do you have any advice for me?*!

Sorry long post, but I really need some help here.


to Allah we belong
wa alaikum salaam,

sister, two advices for u:

1. more on salah istikhara: pls read this:

2. going for dinner with ur colleague, dates are not allowed in Islam. if you want to meet and talk with him to see whether you both really click, you can arrange a meeting in presence of ur mahram

afterall we all should try to please Allah right? bcoz He is One Who blessed us and prepared Jannah for His righteous slaves. and shaitan (may Allah curse him) is always after us to spoil our life and disgrace us.


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Thank you. That website is very useful. Yes it is disallowed and we have decided to meet with our respective parents. And yes we want to stay away from syaiton and do our best to please Allah. Thanks for the reminder and thanks again for that website!