Special Quiz: 'pm' ur answers by 28th Aug'09


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Special Quiz: send ur answers by 28th Aug.


For the first time i am conducting a quiz in an Islamic Forum alhumdulillah. may Allah make it a success.

1. send ur answers to me as 'pm' -"private message" by Friday 28th Aug'09 2300 GMT.

2. +2 for right answer and -1 for wrong one.

3. results with rankings and answers on Sat 29th Aug'09 inshallah.

4. Dont write the answers here. PM them to me instead.

Here it goes......

1. The verses from which chapter were first revealed in Ramadan?

2. What is the name of gate in Paradise through which only people who fast will enter?

3. Who are chained during this holy month?

4. Which famous battle took place in this month during prophet :saw: time?

Dont write ur answers here. PM them to me.

5. Did Conquest of Makkah happened in ramadan?

6. Seclusion in the Mosque in the last ten days of Ramadan is called.....

7. The reward of obligatory deeds in Ramadan is multiplied by how much?

8. Laylatul Qadr most probably falls in 7th, 17 or 27th of Ramadan?

9. In which year, the fasting was made obligatory during Ramadan?

10. In which chapter Allah says that fasting was made for previous communities also?

Dont write ur answers here. PM them to me.

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you remind me exams :)

thanks for these questions
I've sent you my answers .


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Mashallah.Jazzak Allah khiar dear brother.

Inshallah I will send you my answers too.:)



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Walaikum salaam wr wb

*MashAllah Great oppurtinity for us To Remind our Great History
JazakAllah Khair

All the Very best To all of us