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:astag:i find this very common when it comes to a gathering.every ones talking about what this ones doing, what that one the time the story reaches the one who is talked about the story must have been spiced up a million times.

so i thought i would write something on this topic.

first and for most :Allah: has forbidden us to speak ill or backbite about others and compares those who backbite to a DOG.just imagine being compared to a DOG.:subhanallah:

He says in His Holy Book,
(and do not spy or backbite one another.Would any of you like to eat
the flesh of his dear brother when he is dead?You would detest it.And
fear :Allah:;indeed,:Allah:is accepting of repentance and merciful)
(Surah Al Hujurat:Verse 12)

:Allah: has likened the backbiter to a dog,as a dog is the only animal which eats the flesh of another dead dog.lions do not do such things and so do wolves,cheetahs ,foxes etc.

so when we go to any gatherings and see,we will notice that most of those present are eating human flesh through slender and backbiting.the time has come when we Muslims are unwilling to defend the honer of a fellow Muslim or even try to save themselves from this horrible SIN!:subhanallah::subhanallah:

It is reported in sahayn(Al Bukhari And Muslim),
On the authority of Abu Huraiar(ral) that the Prophet:saw: said ;
‘All things of a Muslim are inviolable for his brother in faith;his blood,his wealth and his honour;’
On the authority of Umar(ral) the Prophet:saw: said
‘:Allah:has made your blood,your property and your honour sacred to one another.’(Sahih Bukari)

So Brothers and Sisters in Islam,you cannot achieve complete faith until all Muslims are safe from the bad habit of backbiting.

May :Allah: protect us all from this MAJOUR SIN.Ameen.:tti_sister:

(refered to 'Backbiting the way to Hellfire'by Waheed Abdussalam Baly)


subhannAllah...its a good reminder
May Allah forgive us
Jazakillahu khair for sharing with us


make dua 4 ma finals
Assalamu Alaikum!
SubhanaAllah azeem!

JazakaAllah khairan for the REMINDER!
Ameen to your dua tany:)
Allah hafiz NOW and ALWAYS:)


Assalmu Alaikum

Thanks for the reminder. Indeed its time to practice it. May ALLAH SWT save all of the ummah from this disease. Ameen.



very nice post
thank you for sharing it
May ALLAh bless you and grant u and all of us janat ul firdous.

um muhammad al-mahdi

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
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I understand what you mean but we all need to purify our niyah (intention) when attending gatherings. Then, in cases like "sisters getting together", for my personal experience, it's better to organize a talk, or discuss about a book and again, being very organized. Reminding all the sisters the reason why we are meeting and that it shouldn't be a "waste" of time, insh'Allah. I say this because what you described happened to me too and decided to leave that kind of "gatherings".