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I just got a message, after posting, that my post will not be made visible until approved by a moderator; anyone know why this has happened?


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I don't think it's because I'm new. When I posted in this thread, it was fine. Only for my other thread, and only of recent. My guess is because of the controversial nature, they want to make sure that I'm not going to post something offensive--so they put me on time-delay????

But my two postings have yet to be "approved." I haven't made any attacks--just asked questions--and I hope they do get approved. I hope admins are reading this...


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Being new, being in pain, being in "trouble"

Brother B232,

Please have patience....please please. First, being new to a forum who has in recent past been attacked for their faith has made everyone a bit on edge. Everyone goes through this process. Its standard but its also done manually. In fact, everything here is pretty much done manually so it can take some time to have posts posted or questions replied to.

I was thinking about you last night and your situation. you mentioned the fear that if you performed an act in self-defense that your past mental heath issues would be made public and used against you. While I think your fear is understandable, I ask you this question......which matters more in the end, your pride at having to stand trial for injury to someone else? or the possibility that you perform an act that HAS no return, such as murder? How would you feel then? Sometimes you have to "suck it up" and trust that what you are doing has a greater benefit. You can not go it alone anymore. You don't have to either.

I am very much like you. Anxiety, depression, anger...all the usual suspects. If you want to be directed back to (I'm assuming) Islam, then there are several wonderful brothers here that would be perfectly willing to help you. They WANT to help. Its their nature. If you want to come to Islam for the first time, then this forum is extensive in its resources to help you understand Islam and Muslim life better. This is not, however, a substitute for real physiological assistance. Please consider seeking out your resources..

As I like to think of it: "Would you pass by a weapon if you needed it simply because it was clutched in the hands of the dead?"

...and if you have a question about your posts that an admin needs to answer, pm the people with the green names. They are the Moderators.


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As-salaamu'Alaykum and Welcome to the Forum,

I think for any new user, posts are moderated due to spam and some people posting offensive stuff. (your first couple of posts could be okay but then it may moderate automatically your further posts until they are approved, thereafter it should be okay, I think)

Your replies should now be visible (and hopefully the future one's too).

Therefore I will close the thread because the conversation can continue in that thread.

If you have any concern then contact a moderator.

Walaykum Salaam.
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