SubhanAllah , names of Allah SWT (my wallpaper)


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these are oil paintings :) it's beautifullll



edit: i didn't found all of them :(


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Sobhan Allah

El salam aaleykom,

Sobhan Allah this exactly the same ones I used 2 make a file about Islam and its art where calligraphy has the greatest place to raise Allah s beauty and
Hesham Abbas sings the 99 names in a very soft and pretty way..
Allah O Akbar


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AssalamoAlaikum wr wb,
Alhumdulillah I have all 99 names of Allah swt. Im talking about these in particular that you could not find. If you want.. I can share it with you.

Jazakallahu khayrun


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Jazak Allah sister!

but the little problem is that i don't exactly know the oneswhich are missing,

perhaps you can put all the paintings in one fail and then zip it and send it if possible;

sorry i didn't see your reply before but i appreciate your proposition!! these painting are really beautifull Mashallah



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ohhh SubhanAllah!!!! Jazak Allah sister !!!! sincerely Jazak Allah!! i didn't know about this site and the ones i have, have been sent by a sister so i didn't know the source i couldn't expect something better than having the arabic plus the english translation :)

:wassalam: :)


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Your most welcome, sky_012. Glad that I was of help. I just hope that I can now find all the names on one page with the meanings in English, so that I can add them to my desktop.

:wasalam: from your sister in Islam