Suffocation and depression..pls help everyone


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Salam sisters and brothers,

I need your advise and help,pls. My exams are going on for the next 3 weeks but then I have trouble studying and I dont know whether this is stress or not. When i pray i feel like my heart is blocked. I am very worried. I feel like Allah does not want to hear me.I am sorry if I said something wrong, Allah knows best however i cannot feel anything after prayer. It makes no difference to me and I am feeling really sad about this. I need to feel me being close to him more then ever now. Mayb its syaitan. I always have thoughts lingering in my mind that Allah and Islam is not the right one, Although for a fact I know that this is not true. I also know that syaitan is responsible for this adding to the fact that I have more non muslim friends around. Besides that I can't even sleep. I constantly feel worried and troubling inside. Is there any prayer or dua or soorah that I can read to make me feel better. Pls help me. I cant ask my non muslim friends to help me as they say I am being stressed out, but deep inside I know that is not the only reason. :girl3: Your help is kindly appreciated.



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salam sister, i understand how your feeling. I once use to feel that my prayer was not accepted, like i was praying for nothing. I felt like i was faking it or something hard to explain. I was scared asking myself what was happening to me. But i knew it was the shytan playing with my mind, i felt like the shytan wanted me to just stop praying so i prayed even harder knowing it is him making me feel this way. After ever prayer i asked Allah to give me the strength to win over shytan. After while it kind of all went away. Sister i know exactly what your feeling my advice to you is KEEP praying your daily 5 prayers and ask Allah to help you. Dont let the shytan win walhi it is him. shytan comes in different levels know that and dont give up.

Be around your muslims friends, you really shouldnt have to many non muslims friends, they wont help you in these case. Allah has said himself to not eat, drink or love non muslims. One way to feel close to Allah is performing the prayer so keep up with that. Listen to quran, hadith or islamic lecture. Just turn to Allah do what he says and you will isha Allah will feel much better in no time. I will remember you in my prayer. Stay in touch i wana hear from you again.

Whenever the prophet (s.a.w.) happened to face any difficulty, he would at once resort to salat. Salat is great blessing of Allah. To resort to salat at the time of worry is to hasten towards his mercy, and when Allah's mercy comes to rescue, there can remain no trace of any worry. (from hadith -v)


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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

before you sleep, say:

Subhan-Allah (33 times)
Alhamduli-allah (33 times)
Allahu Akbar (33 times)
then say : La Ilaha Illa-Allah, Wahdahu La Sharika Lah, Lahul-Mulk Walahul-Hamd, Wahuwa Ala Kulli Shai'in Qadeer.

And best time to study is right after Al-Fajr prayer.


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salam sis
I know what your going through i felt that way once before. Every time i prayed i felt like it wont be accpeted by Allah. Like i was praying for no reason, as if i was just faking it. Sometimes i actually thought maybe i should just stop praying there is no reason to pray. I was scared i didnt know what was happening to me. Deep down i know the truth but it felt like it was all in my head. One thing i knew for sure was the shytan was messing with my head trying his best to get me more far from Allah so i kept praying harder and asking Allalh to give me the strenght to win over the sytan. I turn to Allah and in no time i felt better. I know what your going through you cant sleep or even be relaxed you just kind of panic. My advice to you is DONT STOP praying, pray harder and ask Allah for his help. You shouldnt have to many non muslims friends sister, Allah has told us that. Also in these cases they wont help you, you need muslims friends to help you get throught this time. But dont give up this is just a simple test. People during the prophets times went throught more harder trial than this keep up dont let shytan win, he will only take you to hell. I will remember you in my prayer read quran, hadith listen to islamic lecture turn to Allahs path and you will be fine isha Allah in no time. I wana hear from you stay in touch isha Allah

Whenever the prophet (s.a.w.) happened to face any difficulty, he would at once resort to salat. Salat is great blessing of Allah. To resort to salat at the time of worry is to hasten towards his mercy, and when Allah's mercy comes to rescue, there can remain no trace of any worry. (from hadith -v)


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Assalamualaikum sister - first off if your'e having difficulty studying, there are various methods - but the best one I reckon would be waking up in the middle of the night and asking Allah swt for help :)

The hardening (blockage?) of the hard is something that happens when your heart is barren of the rememberance of Allah - check this thread out

There must be many other beneficial threads on the matter of the hardening of the heart (use the search engine)

Remember just like everything else in life, this is a test - do not crumble.
Pick up the User Manual (THE QURAN)
Look at the demonstration (THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD <PBUH>)

The other stuff mentioned above is fantastic also - and if I were you.. try to distance yourself from your friends if they are leading you astray or putting doubts in your mind (indirectly or directly) shaytan takes advantage of each and every second! then I think its time we did too!

Increase your knowledge.
Increase your iman.
Increase your taqwa (remembrance of Allah?)

Inshallah everything will be alright :)
May Allah make you and all of us strong in imaan - ameen.