Suggestions Bahira or Waraqah Bin Naufal taught the Prophet (SAW)

Abu Juwairiya

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It has been suggested by Non Muslim historians Bahira, the Christian hermit, taught the Prophet (SAW) about Christianity and hence the Messenger of Allah (SAW) knew so much. The second time of his exposure to Christianity, it is said was through the Waraqah Bin Naufal, the relative of Khadijah, the first wife of the Prophet (SAW).

The answer given to both allegations is that even if it could be accepted as 'possible', it would be rendered impossible because of the following-

1. There was only on meeting between Bahira and the Prophet (SAW) and it occurred thirty-two years before his Prophethood. Bahira never came to Arabia and the Prophet never returned to Syria where the meeting occurred. Bahira died a few years after the meeting while the Prophet (SAW) was still a child.

2. Waraqa Bin Naufal had not known the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) before his Prophethood. It is possible they may have met earlier, but Waraqah Bin Naufal died only days after speaking to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when the latter was first commissioned as a Prophet.

Nothing could have been dictated to the Prophet (SAW) since he was not able to read or write while only eight or nine people in the whole of Makkah were actually literate (most of whom were Non Muslim anyway).
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