Surah for Kid with Smartphone Application

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    Ayatul Kursi is one of the greatest Surahs of Quran said by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. it contains numerous details regarding attributes of Allah SWT and thus known as verse of the Throne. The particular application is a combination of two different patterns of learning the word by word Surah and Full Surah. Application contains number of features to help Muslim kids in learning Suarhs of Quran in an effective and easy way. To get this beautiful application just visit the links given below for both Android and iPhone.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The particular application is a combination of various valuable components, that are enclosed to provide best feasible conditions for your kids while learning.

    1. Application provides you the great verse of the Throne with the feature of word by word. Each chunk from the verse given with its transliterations, translation and audio to listen recitation.

    2. An option of auto-play is also given with word to word that allows the user to play recitation on traversing between words.

    3. Full Suarh is also provided in the application with its transliteration, translation and audio to listen. It is to help your kids in getting information about reciting full Surah in a flow and a connection between words.

    4. Customization of application id also provided to the user so that they can modify the app screen the way they like. It includes changing app theme, font size and much more.

    5. Furthermore, application also provides a list of benefits that will be grant by Allah swt against recitation of particular Surah.

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