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As'salamu alaikum,
I know of a single woman with 5 children and I would love to teach her about Islam. She is a Christian and I was wondering how would I go about it without offending her? What are the best topics to bring up?



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Asalaam Akeakum,

Well unless she broaches the subject it could be difficult to approach the topic without bringing offense. However I find that wearing hijab and performing my daily prayers tends to pique the curiosity of those around me. I make sure to keep a neutral expression and not to get iffended at even "silly" questions. (i.e. do you wear that thing in the shower/in front of your husband/etc.,)

One thing that will most likely appeal to her is all the rights women have in Islam. For instance, she will have complete control over her own income yet her (future) husband will be obligated to financially support her. She has the most say-so over the number of children she has (in other words her husband cannot limit her). She will basically be the Queen of her household and he husband will be expected to treat her as such.

Sadly in Western societies women have lost a lot of their power due to "equality." While I feel the sexes are equal I feel people make the error of assuming equal = same. Women and men are equal but on totally different levels. A woman is heavily rewarded for giving birth but of course a man cannot be equally rewarded. Whereas a man is heavily rewarded for leading prayer and other obilgations that a woman does not do. Islam recongnizes that men and women are fundamentally different both physically and psychologically and allows for those differences. Western society on the other hand expects women to return to work sometimes immediately post-partum no matter the costs to her well-being. It's disgusting.

I love this religion because although it is ancient it is still universal in it's truth. It is a religion of ease and Allah is all-forgiving. It is logical and rational and does not expect me to rationalize contradictions such as worshipping one God yet espousing the belief in a trinity. It is not exclusive and arbitrary but rather all inclusive and just. Let her know that in Islam it is taught that paradise lies at the mother's feet. She would welcomed as a queen in our religion and as a beautiful person.

Wa aleikum Salaam


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preaching to someone needs a lot of patience and before u could do it,at least u need the basic knowledge of Islam and i guess by know u already have it..now u must go for the tips and techniques .we cant just grab someone and keep on lecturing that person about islam.dawah starts with love,understanding and trust...
i don't prefer talk about this publicly and as i hv pmed u we can discuss further on msn if u wish


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salamualykum sister,

I think the best way to approach is to tell her what islam says about jesus (pbuh), that the quran has a chapter after the name of Mary(pbuh) and islam gives her the highest status amongst the women besides khadeeja (may allah be please with both of them). and all the other types of views we have about jesus and mary (may allah be please with them both). and then i would go for saying what is the main differrence between the christians and us and before u show her the reason for our differrence i would strongly recommend to read the booklets of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (rahimahullah), i have found his dawah to be one of the easiest,most effective and too creative. and i am sure this the person whom u r giving the dawah will not be slightly offended insha allah.

I pray that your dawah works out well and may allah (swt) accepts your dawah and give that christian lady hidayat. Ameen


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preaching to someone needs a lot of patience and before u could do it,at least u need the basic knowledge of Islam and i guess by know u already have it..now u must go for the tips and techniques .we cant just grab someone and keep on lecturing that person about islam.dawah starts with love,understanding and trust...
i don't prefer talk about this publicly and as i hv pmed u we can discuss further on msn if u wish

mashallah sister revert2007, reverts like you inspires me and also makes me ashamed as u being a revert knows more and is more active in dawah than i being a born muslim. i have posted a thread http://www.turntoislam.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62832

and would really appreciate if you can please provide with some dawah tips inshallah.


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Wa'alaikum salam.

I'm sure Allah already rewarded you for just having this thought in you.

Just to add some more tips, sorry if do not work. There are many ways sister, there was a pastor became Muslim after seeing a Muslim saying bismillah before eating. One hindu was travelling in the train became Muslim when he saw the way one Muslim brother was making du'a before entering toilet and after leaving the toilet. Just show her some good manners the Islamic way, inshAllah will open for a dialogue. You may visit her at home, if she ask you to dine with her you may tell her that you will prefer only halal food. This may raise question, what is halal? Why halal? Do some homework on this before you go and you may want to compare verses from the bible also. This topic may break the ice. But pls be reminded that we can only daawah, Allah alone can guide. So after talking to her for months if she refuse Islam, do not feel disappointed because you have done your part that's most important.


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I don't think you should bring it up at all, however if the topic arises try hard to educate her.

We should never try to 'convince' anyone to join Islam.


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Which is why I said 'if the topic arises'.

There's a difference between starting a conversation with the intent to convert (in any way that you word it), and it happening.


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Praise be to Allah (The Glorified and Exalted).

You may start a conversation with her saying, "You know society has changed a lot in modern times. The same values concerning family and religion are not held by the majority of people anymore. I have kids and I would dislike to see them grow older and disobey or mistreat myself or my husband, as you see becoming rampant among the young generations. I would also like for them to grow up with a love or God. You know, in Islam, having a strong family relationship centered around God is very important. Then you may say (give a brief description of God) God is: the Supreme Being, unique, unlike any man, All-Knowing, Omnipotent, does not sleep, feel any sense of fatigue, and is the only object of worship and praise. All of one's prayers and worship are for God alone."

Then change to talking about the angels in Islam, by stating, "You know, I would love to see our children behave like angels, grateful to God, obeying Him, etc (see a description of the angels in a link below), in order to keep our children away from worldly vices."

After speaking about the angels say, "I wish the best for my children, and hope they succeed on the Day only God can provide for them." Then you may say, "Muslims also believe in Resurrection and a Day of Judgment, as well as Heaven and Hell." Then say to this person, "What do you think about these beliefs?" Don't be shy. If she says, "I believe that too." Then tell her, "well, you have the Islamic beliefs." Then offer her some more information about the continuity of prophethood, and talk about Jesus (peace be upon him) as a man and prophet of God, and how the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is the final messenger, that brought this message that you mentioned. When you start the conversation, keep going until you finish and do not wait for her to say much until you ask her the question.

Then you may offer her to come to your home, and visit the masjid (mosque) once together, get some Islamic books, Qur'an to read, etc. Tell her that if she needs help answering a question on certain Qur'anic verses, that you will help her find the answer. And then you may ask us, and we will help you find the correct answers.

Do not start the conversation about Islam, mentioning the arabic word for God, "Allah" or by speaking about the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) because the people in your land are unfamiliar with that and may be turned off. So you may tell her later after what was mentioned, that the Arabic word for God is "Allah," similar to the Hebrew "Eloh" and the Aramaic that Jesus (peace be upon him) spoke, which was "Allaaha."

Links to help you:

1) Description of God, go to the bottom of the following thread and you will find an article titled, "Description of God": http://www.turntoislam.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40837

2) Description of Angels:

3) Story of Jesus (peace be upon him):

*This also goes for other Muslims, you may start a conversation about Islam by asking a rhetoric question such as "What is the Purpose of Life?" And then speak about the description of Allah in Islam (which is KEY), and then talk about Adam, etc. You also try to find common values between yourself and the other person and then change the topic to start with a description of Allah. And yes, the Description of Allah (The Exalted) is everything. This the natural belief all humans have of God.

*Let us know how it goes.

And Allah Knows Best.