tereorism against islam

Discussion in 'Terrorism Not From Islam' started by hasbona lah, Sep 2, 2008.

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    assalamo alaikom ouarahmatou ALLAH ouabarakatohou
    the terrorism this word means terror and you know in islam if you try to terror a muslim or any human in this earth you will'nt enter to paradise that what said the prophet mohames (peace be upon to you my love ) and who do this act i think isn't a muslim i think it is a devil because this noy acceptable by islam and look what ALLAH said about killing who kill a spirit for no reason he will be ernter in the hell and who do this you know what will be recieve from allah the punishement and islam keep the right for all to live this life to the eternel time and ALLAH responsable to judge people none can do this on place of allah who know this human can convert to islam one day and belong to the omma of mohamed (peace be upon to him ) and who know perhaps this human (muslim or no muslim ) one day willconvert to right way by ALLAH and will be blessed from ALLAH plese try to learn the true islam and don't falsified the truth because this is not from islam whatever is belong toislam we are obliged to live the life in islam whith peace and we should to be tolerant even if whith a non muslim community because we are a humain and islam forbide killing the spirit and we are blessed from ALLAH from the creator who is the responsable of us

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