The 4th Branch of U.S. Government


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I hope you listened to that video

Asalaamu alaykum,
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I have been saying this for so long and people think I'm a conspiracy theory nut. If you look to some of my blogs on this site you will see that I've said this.

1 :SMILY32:Look @ how fat we are in America. We see food that is unhealthy played over and over in commercials. Then we head strait to the drive through or the supermarket. It is a proven fact that obesity is a huge problem in this country.

2 Look @ the credit crisis that we are in. They push the American dream. What is the American dream? To own a big house and car have 2 kids and a dog. Oh don't forget to become rich and famous by the time you die.

THE HOUSE :dishes: Before in this country you had to work hard and save big money to put down to get a house. Then recently over the last 2 yrs I just started seeing in the news paper: Have the American dream @ 0 money down. Your credit history doesn't matter nothing matters just call or come we will give you a house. Wonder what every one did? They went for the main component of this made u dream. Now look @ the economy. You give people a house you know they can't pay for and they didn't pay. So you have millions of loans that went bad. The banks lost all their money and now they have homes they can't sell because no one even if you have good credit can buy them from the banks. This was no accident there has to be a reason why and I'm on a mission to find out.

3 Material things. On TV especially music videos and now even TV shows the theme is BLING BLING Money cash ho's. They show you images of movie stars that can afford these things and actors. So after you see these things repeatedly you feed into it. You have to have it. So you go out and spend everything you make to buy into this fabulous life. If you can't afford it they have another word for this Ghettofabulous:lol: So even if your poor you can have a part in this. You go out and get credit cards to pay for it. You commit crime to pay for it. Because if you don't have it your unAmerican you don't belong here. Everyone is spending this imaginary money they don't have.


4 Black people are bad they will snatch your purse, kill you and rape you hurt you they are gand bangers and thugs.:fighta: I'm of the MTV generation. When I was young growing up in the hood the people I watched and listened to were Madonna and Cindy Lauper. Black people were rarely seen on MTV. Then all of a sudden NWA was playing like crazy. Black people were happy to see people from the hood on TV. What they didn't see was that the NWA's of the world was only 1% of black people. They didn't see that the government needed a way to keep them imprisoned and to get rid of all that coke they brought into the country. So lets let people get on TV glorify drugs guns and violence.:fighta: Crack cocaine put a grip on our people and then. Here comes the media to show only the hoods and the violence. Then what did they say see we told you they will kill you rob you and rape you. So what did the country think. They were scared of us. Then they coined the phrase WAR ON DRUGS:lol: So now the government couldn't enslave us but they could lock us up shoot us and abuse us and to the rest of the country they were being protected. They are still doing it today. Then people say oh stop blaming the government for your problems. Why are we still killing each other in the street? Because they were successful @ HYPNOTIZING us. The same videos are on right now; accept multiplied x 100. Accident highly unlikely.

5 :tantrum1::tantrum1::tantrum1: THE WAR ON TERROR
How dare they attack the best country on earth? Someone has to pay!!
The 19 people that blew up the world trade are dead. So who do we go to war with? WHO??? How can we go to war with people that are already dead? Well there is still one out there the leader of these 19. But that leader is not the head of any country. So where do we have the war at? UMMMMMM. Well usually when there is 1 terrorist your looking for you send special OPS or FBI CIA to go and find him. So how did we get into 2 wars?


Soooo every other week we were on red alert and orange alert. In our schools and jobs we were sent home and put on curfews. The threat is just to high. After your told over and over some crazy fanatics are after you. They want you they hate you. They hide their faces. Then the pictures of that sad day played over and over. Then they said the words over and over the Islamic terrorists that want to kill you and take your American dream away from you. We have to find them we will find them. So they went to Afghanistan and they didn't find this enemy. So then it became a WAR ON TERROR. Who are the terrorists? Muslims:girl3: There are Muslims in America so you see the terrorists where you live. They moved in next door yesterday. They own a store on the corner. They have taken over 711. Then you turn on the news to see the president saying they have WMD's in Iraq. This is going to be the end of the world. They repeated it over and over again. So after a while it seemed like we were supposed to be there. They succeeded in scaring the masses. Enraging the masses. So the masses agreed with the war. The new war. The war that will rid the world of terror; because now its not just a war on terror its the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR.We went in blew them away. We ripped down the statue we won we won. But wait when are you gonna catch the guy who did 911 to us? Why has it never happened? Because they need to rob you first.

:tantrum1::tantrum1:They are taking 10,000,000,000 a month to pay for this war. America is borrowing it from China. CREDIT. Who will have to pay for it? The American people. This will ruin their American dream. So how will we make them not see that we are taking their money to not find the 1 who hurt them. You just gave them 700,000,000,000 the other day. I'm waiting to find out what that is for. And no that is not to many zero's:tantrum1::tantrum1:

:lol:We will give them houses and cars that they can't afford to keep their minds off of it. Oh there's my answer:lol:



Sister you are very analytical. If people engaged their brains like you then would come to the realization that we are nothing but the pawns of the chessboard. The more we seek the truth the more we can strip naked this empire & it's tyrants for the absolute corruption it has caused on the American people and humanity.

There's a thin line between conspiracy and truth. The Prophet (pbuh) even mentioned there will a time of tribulation when someone who tells the truth will be accused of lying & falsehood and the person who tells false will be considered honest & truthful. When people initiate & take the time to read & research on their own, they'll feel hurt, deceived, lonely, & even depressed. But most humans don't want that. It's part of our nature. We like to just believe whatever the media tells us. The media has become the 4th branch of government because it controls the people by depriving their free will; rather than what humans want to think, they control how they should think.


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I couldn't see the video but I will inshaAllah,
In my opinion the media is not the 4th but the 1st government. Why?
  • They are NOT answerable to anyone. Suppose you are invited to their show and you accuse them of misinformation, they will cut you short and will never invite you. Can a congressman or a senator do that? No. No one above criticism exept the media. They simply don't let you criticize them. But since they dominate the airwaves most people think they are telling the truth.
  • They determine the policy and make hoopla to implement it. A prime example is the fake story of the so-called "liquid bombers". Woking with the media both the US and UK government were able to package a fake story, distributed it and implemented it in a span of just a few hours, after those few hours they were throwing toothpastes, creams, baby's milk water, juice, shaving creams, expensive perfumes etc into the dust bins and people were accepting it too.
This is the power of this media.

Sister Khalil2u - I agree with whatever you said except that the 9/11 was NOT done by those 18 mentioned in the media. Many of these people are still alive. 9/11 is now a proven Inside Job. And this 'war of terror' is a means to destroy one Muslim country after another.

Another important point:
There is a security analyst in Pakistan named Zaid Hamid, who appears on different TV shows and has presented some very good points about the global financial situation. And this particular show appeared many months ago. As we all know that the Federal Reserve is not Federal at all, this is a collection of private banks and they should actually be called Private Reserve. :lol: So, according to Zaid Hamid during the last 8 years "Feds" have been printing a lot of money (Dollars). China is holding a lot of these paper currency, the "I Owe Yous" of the US government, and if they ever send these dollars home it will bring dollar to a crash. He is suggesting that we should keep our money in the form of gold. Gold is rising because all thes illuminatis who know what is going on are buying gold like crazy. When dollar will crash then gold will become the defacto currency of the world.
I thought that I should share this very important information with you guys.

It's imperative to note that one of the techniques of the media is to keep repeating consistent messages & consistent words (Taliban, insurgents, militants, etc). For example, many people have become desensitized & immuned with the killings of our brothers & sisters in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Palestine that we don't have any feelings of anger inside. We become content with our own complacency & forget those who are being killed & oppressed. This is what the media has done. Call it brainwashing, call it ignorance, call it unawareness. We have to raise our voice & engage our brains.

If we can not change something with our hands and mouth, then the lowest level of iman (faith) we can have is to hate it in our hearts. For example, I've grown up in a Western society and we males see alot of provocative "dressed" women outside, at work, at school, etc that it becomes a normal image in our mind; but we must train our hearts to hate it, because it's not from Allah swt - and I am speaking for myself as well.



you know, my family and friends think i'm a conspiracy theory nut when i tell them about such things.