The Best Laid Plans



I read this article in an Al-Jumah Magazine By Nour Habib, I thought it would be good to share it with you InshaAllah.

A few years ago, on the car ride home from flunking my driving test a third consecutive time, I sat brooding next to my father in the failure position, otherwise known as the passenger seat. I stared out the window at a loss for why? Why did I falter? Again. Why, after so much practice and such assurances that that this would be my day, did I not pass the test?

My father read my thoughts and delicately uncloaked a story. Its moral: though we may not understand it, Allah does everything for a reason.

When he was in college, during midterms, he and his friends decided to skip an extremely hard exam that they were sure they were unequal to. Instead, they planned a trip to Alexandria Egypt, and intended to stay at one of their friend's houses.

They left the night before the exam. But on their way, the car broke down. By the time they got it fixed, it was too late to go on with their trip. they turned back to Cairo in defeat, and surrendered to the fact that they had to face thier test (which they all ended up passing, to their great astonishment).

Soon afterward, they learned that the house they had planned to visit had collapsed that very day. The entire balcony, as well as the room they were to stay in, just fell off the building due to foulty construction.

They planned. And Allah planned. And Allah's was the best of Plans. At the time their car broke down, they were very upset that their strategy was thwarted. When the stunning news of the crumbling reached them, they realized that Allah had saved them.

"Yet it may be that you hate a thing, while it is good for you. And it may be that you love a thing, while it is evil for you. Yet Allah knows (what is most beneficial for you)." So says Allah in the Qur'an [2:216].

The Prophet, :saw:, said: "Know that were all people to come together to benefit you with something, they would benefit you with nothing, save what Allah has inscribed for you. And were they to come together to harm you wiht something they would harm you with nothing, save what Allah has inscribed against you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried." (Thirmithi)

Allah's plans overrule all others. try as you may to turn right or left, you will only end up on the path that Allah has laid for you.


So lets try our best and trust Allah's plan, that is best for us:inshallah:.