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peace to you all asalam walakum

I have a question i do hope inshallah someone can answer,

I have a extremely curious mind lol and recently i found myself in a debate with a christian concerning the trinity hamdulliah my 'debate' so to speak was very sucessful and i produced evidence from the bible itself to dissprove her theories. I was recently looking over the bible again and i can see how islam to an extent is very evident in the bible 'rulings' for example deut the hijab etc ....however reading the bibles stances on women absolutely sickens me, now i know brothers and sisters that the bible has been distorted since the 6th century and perhaps even before but please brothers and sisters surely the stuff in there isnt true like a women on her menses is filth. that were created just for pleasures of man??? Hamdulliah im a muslim and know my rights and place in islam im just really confused right now aren't christians suppossed to be the closest to us???

please help brothers and sisters or i wont be able to sleep.


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You do you how messed up our society would be if Christians did follow the Bible properly right lol...

I don't know exactly, but some revolution happened in the west where Christianity wasn't the dictating figurehead of how a country should be "run", and Christian rules were not being put into place. Basically, they had to go against the Bible if they wanted to live in a more civilized society.

" Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection . I suffer not a woman to teach , nor usurp authority over the man , but to be in silence . For Adam was first formed , the Eve . And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in transgression."
1 Timothy 2:11-14

ANyways, atleast some Christians aren't stupid in actually denying the Bible's been changed alot. On top of that, all the Good Christians tend to revert to Islam aswell. Actually, the majority of reverts to Islam are indeed Christians. And this may be because unlike the Jews, we don't reject Jesus(pbuh), we love him just as much as the Christians if not more, and many Christians realise this and see the Muslims point of view and see that it's actually the Muslims who follow Jesus(pbuh) better then their instructed to do so.

Allah(swt) knows best, but clearly there's so much truth in the Quranic Ayah regarding Christians being closer to Muslims than Jews. Soon, Islam will officially be the biggest religion in the world and that will mainly be due to Christian reverting to Islam.


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Assalaamu alaikum,

I can understand your confusion....I was once reading a book on covered all three religions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity). Taking from the scripture on how women are viewed in each religion! I must say, the beauty of Islam shined through those pages! I have read the fact that a woman "should" shave her head if she ever comes to the Church without a scarf on. Also the part where a sister could not go to Church and was considered filth and dirty when she had her menses. That just sickened me. However, I believe this was not the true teachings of Jesus (may peace and blessings be upon him).
Allaah knows best....and like the Borthe ABOVE said,
If Christians really acted upon Christianity as its on the Bible......only Allaah would know how the world would be by today!!


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Thanks for your reply girls, i consider myself quite a logical i cannot understand not one iota why on earth ANY women would want to be a christian??

i mean do they actually READ their book???????

why is it that islam gets such stick for how it treats it women ( so well ) and the bible openly states women are bascially the root of all evil and no bats an eyelash??

certainly defies logic.


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why is it that islam gets such stick for how it treats it women ( so well ) and the bible openly states women are bascially the root of all evil and no bats an eyelash??

certainly defies logic.


It does. The thing is, most Christians (not all) I know pick and choose. They'll hang onto some parts, but ignore others. I used to have a couple come to my door regularly, and when I asked them about a specific verse, they said they'd research it (hello, it's right there in black and white), and tell me what their take on it is. It was a verse given to me by a sister here, actually. They haven't come back yet. I had visited their church once, and one of the verses about women (not speaking in church I think it was), didn't hold true, because women did speak.

Between the two, I'll take Islam.


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Assalamu alaykum sister,

The links below can be useful. check 'em out inshaAllaah.

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was'salamu alaykum