The deviations of Sufism and a brief history and origin of this sect.

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    The Reality of Sufism in Light of the Qur'an & Sunnah - Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Rabee Ibn Haadee al-Madkhaalee -

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    [intro from the book]
    My brothers and sisters, this is an introduction to the topic which I shall deal with & that is: The Reality of Sufism in Light of the Quraan & the Sunnah. This is because Sufism has greatly affected the lives of the Muslims since the third century after Hijrah until the present day, & reached its peak in the last centuries. It has greatly affected the beliefs of the Muslims & has diverted it from its true course which was laid down in the Noble Quraan & the pure Sunnah. This is the most dangerous aspect of Sufism since Sufi thinking has become combined with veneration of the pious people & the shaykhs & exaggeration in veneration of the dead, just as it has become combined with the saying that everything in existence is in reality Allaah (wahdatul-wujood), not to mention the other aspects of Islaam which Sufism has corrupted, in that its followers are characterised by dependence upon others whilst falsely claiming to depend on Allaah, and by their monasticism. Likewise they have removed the spirit of Jihaad, which is to fight in the way of Allaah, with what they claim to be the greater jihad, i.e. striving against ones own soul (jihaadun-nafs). They base this upon the saying: We have returned from the lesser Jihaad to the greater Jihaad: striving against ones own soul. Whereas this is a baseless [i.e. fabricated] hadeeth and has provided the opportunity in the previous two centuries for colonialist powers to occupy most of the Muslim lands, & Sufism has not ceased pitching its tent in all areas of the lands of the Muslims.

    [all videos are in english]

    Part 1: Intro


    Part 2: The Definition of Sufism and its 1st appearance


    Part 3: How Did Sufism Begin?


    Part 4:Schools of Thought Among the Sufis


    Part 5:Veneration of the Shaykhs among the Sufi's


    Part 6:The Difference Between Zuhd (Abstemiousness) & Sufism

    Part 7:Iniquity of the Extreme Sufis


    Part 8:The Unity of Religions According to Ibn Arabee.


    Part 9:"Miracles" of the Sufis

    Part 10:A Final Word


    go to for more info on the deviations of the sufis.

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