The Last Two Letters

meer suhail

ILM seeker
well ass otherss have ussed lasst 3 letterss if lasst 2 cant make one ,
sso here iss the word

( yup ur right sis saudi ,opps slip of tongue ,sauda ,,hehe)

meer suhail

ILM seeker
Asalam o Alykum
oh yeah ,thats good ,well ur post left me with no choice ,,is ur choice ,dont accept it ,hehe ,and the game will shut ,coz dictionary had no word starting with ss
and brother SU ,,,,,,,,hmmm let me help u SUE HAIL ( it is the way it is pronounced and easy way to get english speaking used to my name ,hehe )?
ha i give up ,,,,,english yuck ,,,,where is the word which starts with NT ,,hehe ok im very responible member so wont do it the second time ,anyone ,reply ,,,,,,,tc

well if i use the last 3 words ,,,then here is my word ,,,,,,ANT
there u go .


Junior Member
Wa alaikum assalam

I'm not english, only british, so i'll stick to callin you: su su... pyar seh of course :lol: & no ant doesn't count :p


Ahmad M. Al-Marshoud
it`s hard but I will make it easier
I will say reporter
so the next two letters are ER
its better than rt :)