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-------------- SITE RULES --------------

Welcome to all our New Users, we hope TurnToIslam becomes a source of benefit to all of you (inshaAllaah!) - However please keep in mind the following rules. They are not allowed on the forums, and in some cases an instant Ban on an user may be put in place:

- insults, racial slurs and swearing.

- Being disrespectful of Islam or any other Faith.

- Promoting Lies and Untruthful Links -

- Any kind of unsolicited messaging and stalking, Sending Messages to opposite sex. Sisters had asked for this feature to be implemented so Messages are monitored from time to time so are not 100% private. In order to ensure the website members have good islamic environment.

- Any Threads made merely to Promote A Website. - Spamming not allowed. i.e. Just coming here to promote a website. This includes regular website spamming, along with personal blogs/websites.

We are not for profit organisation that pays 1000s of dollars to maintain this website in order to provide people with accurate Islamic knowledge based upon the Quran and Sunnah.

This is a hard task to do, so we disallow links and people using the website for other purposes, we believe that to be wholly unfair and selfish.

- Insulting the Admins and Moderators of this site. This includes opening new Discussion Threads questioning Moderation. This must be done in Private through the use of PMs. Any threads which violate this rule will either be deleted or closed.

-Writing Messages with No Evidence from the Quran or the Sunnah, or any opinions that Contravene the True Teachings of Islam. This is not a free-speech website!

- Speaking in favour of killing Civillians. Any topics written supporting the death of any civillian or bombing any country (i.e. Iraq) will not be allowed. This is wholly UnIslamic.

- Interfaith Debates not allowed. These forums are not made for people to try and debate Muslims over any issues. Rather, this site is for Islamic information.

- Harassing or stalking/ Pestering of other members.

- Avatar pictures must be of sensible nature in conformity of Islamic rules. This includes no personal photos, images of women / men uncovering their awrah etc...

Some More Rules:

- Avoid Typing in Capital Letters

- Please keep ON TOPIC. Please Do not make threads that meander off-topic. Topics of political nature should be kept with the confines of the Political section, otherwise they will be closed.

- Avoid Reposting topics. Please use the search function to avoid making a topic for information / news that already exists

- Learn to forgive and overlook any members. Do not follow up any posts with cynical replies.

- MODERATORS WORD FINAL IN ALL CASES - Dont make topics discussing our Decisions!! Simply PM us and talk to us in Private. (otherwise you will look very silly complaining)

Also check: Language Policies on TurnToIslam
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