The word mujahadah


'Millat "IBRAHIM" {AleyhiSalaam}
........ means to struggle and exert one's utmost against an opponent , and when the particular opponent force is not pointed out, the word implies an all-out, many-sided struggle.

The struggle that a believer has to make in the world, is of this very nature

He has to fight against Satan, who frightens him every moment of the possible losses he that have to incur for the sake of good and allures him with the benefits and pleasures of the evil.
He has to fight his own self also, which exerts to make him the slave of its lusts. He has also to fight all those men, from home to the world outside, whose ideology, trends, morality, customs way of life and social and economic principles may be in conflict with his Faith; and he has to fight that state too, which enforces its laws independent of obedience to Allah, and employs its forces to promote evil instead of the good. This struggle is not of a day or two, but of a lifetime, of every moment of the day and night. And it is not a struggle in one field only but on every front of life. It is about this that Hadrat Hasan Basri has said: "Man exerts in the way of Allah, even though he may not strike one sword at any time."

Chapter : 29. Al-Ankabut

verse: 5-7)


Assalaam walaikum,

Indeed, indeed.

And the other path looks so simple at easy...

This is an excellent post. It must be pondered.


He is Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram
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yes, so true, is a fight..thank you for these explanations. I will keep in mind this word, mujahadah, as is part of our daily life as muslims.
may Allah help us :tti_sister: