Three Year Old Baby Girl Reads Quran


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[imgleft][/imgleft] Assalamu Alaykum, MashaAllah, this is a nice video of a Three Year Old Muslim Baby girl who Reads Quran in Egypt. (slight problems with video at end sorry!) This is a nice Islamic Video. Islam in Egypt



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Allah (SWT) is Noor (Light), & guides to HIS Noor (Light), Whom HE (SWT) likes, HE (SWT) had guided you, to his straight path, please hold to it firmly, to win this world & hereafter InshAllah.

Allah (SWT) did not create this world randomly, every thing in it has an orbit or a path, and this path should lead us to Allah (SWT) (The Noor). Thanks for Allah (SWT) for sending us The Map (The Noble Quraan), & Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as an explainer & guider in this world, to show us the right path (his Sunnah) that leads to wide & deep ocean of Noor (ALLAH) SWT, which is full of precious & valuable things of this world & hereafter.


Im LoViNg It.. ISLAM

:inshallah: ALLAH (swt) will bless us all whit a child like her.

:ma: my littel sister :)

your brother


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Assalamu Alaikum



:ma: :ma: I have viewed this video before,:ma: I find the little girl so beautiful!:)

:wasalam: :bananabb2in:

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:mashallah:dis video is so beautiful!!!

:jazaak:bro Mabsoot 4 posting it
May:Allah: swt Reward ya with da Best Rewards...Ameen
ur sister in ISLAM

Beko29 said:
:inshallah: ALLAH (swt) will bless us all whit a child like her.
Beko29 said:
assalam good Brother.
Alhamdulillah, thanks for the greeeaaaat site.
may Allah Bless and Guide these littlens, Amin!
this and the lil' Bro from italia with his recitation, masha' Allah.
shahid abd'ul-matin al-australi


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Assalamu Alaikum,
Very beautiful, mashallah. May Allah reward her and her parents for teaching her the words of Allah,Ameen! Subhanallah!!


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its very beautiful,
to see a girl they can reading quran.
It gives a girl she is 8 years old and had ends reading quran masaallah

it is a lesson for all people of the world...



Asslamo Allaikum,


I find it fascinating that most Sisters comment about the Girl being "CUTE"

And brothers about the Qur'aan being the miracle & then the baby (if they do)...

Can I be different & say,

"Allah (SWT) has created the QUr'aan easy to remeber"

& the Baby is "C"

There finally got it out

I am a man & its hard you know (to get emotional about these things)

Jazakullah Khairun


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Mashallah she is sooo cute! this video reminded me of myself, i also recited quran at 3 years old and almost knew the 30th chapter by heart at 4
:shymuslima1: but i remember it was sooo easy to memorize the surahs at this time

We should all learn early to our little sisters and brothers and kids because it's easier to memorize while beeing a kid and when u haven't strated going to school because after school starts , we have homework etc etc ...and hte process of learning is slower than before