Top 10 excuses by women who don’t wear the Hijab(find somewhere on the net)


Salam alaikum

01. the thread has already gone so much off topic, anyways this happens, its normal.

02. we shouldn't take things like:why always 'hijab and women', why not 'beard and men'
coz neither we are here for debate or for defeating one another.

03. as there are lots of thread regarding hijab-niqab issue and so often we get these, we also need beard issue thread, but of curse not in a debating mood.

04. Subhan Allah, each of them are the dress-codes for each gender(both are mandatory, Fardh), and we should do it for the sake of Allah, for both(male and female) we should try to meet it at our level best, just to please Allah, to be obedient to Allah, because Allah knows our inner self better than us.

05. Alahmdu li Allah, lots of sister wearing Hijab, lots of brothers are having we should take these threads as reminder, not to take as a hit to each other.

I hope I'vent messed with word/lines, it is pretty clear-cut, no?

JazakAllah khair


Lil' Muslimah

this thread was made by a person who understands the reasons of women being unable to satisfy the facts of hijab (not the person who made this thread, unless they made it).

Let's not go on about the mistakes of other people, and spitting on their footsteps because they don't grow a beard or wear hijab, yes we all know it's an obligation made by the Greatest, Allah, but if we DO ever catch someone not following the rules of Islam, because of the list created, let's tell them wisely about the luxury of having curves won't last forever, I feel very depressed seeing all these arguments

May Allah guide us EQUAL believing women and men. Ameen.