Allahu Akbar! Torture In Syria

Sidra Rasib

Torture in Syria ..

A video on YouTube shows a middle aged man who is being beaten severely by Assad's army. They said they would let him see his children if he would let them sleep with his wife and to this he replied 'my wife is my crown' ...

Khalid, a 15 year old boy was locked in his school classroom for 2 days without water and food.. He was forced to stand on his feet for 2 days by the soldiers, they then hung him from a ceiling by his wrists and they beat him until he passed out. He also added they all took turns stubbing out their cigarettes on him

A 16 year old boy reports that he was arrested along with other boys, one of which was a 6 year old and was beaten to death, his fault was for having a father who was wanted by the regime but never handed himself in. The boy was given no food and no water until he gave up on the third day and died. His body was treated like a dog after his death

A lady came across two soldiers making a bet on a practise target, she said before she realised the target, they shot a little boy (8years old) in the head, he didn't die on the spot but was left on the road to die slowly in pain, the worst part was that his mother was watching everything from inside the house but was unable to do anything as the soldiers were firing towards her so that she could not come out to her son

A muslim man who was arrested while protesting, said they were electrocuting me and I felt like I was going to die. He said that there is a prayer that one says when they are about to die.. He adds
“So I start to pray,” “The soldier turned off the chair. He said, ‘Now, you were praying to God, to Allah.’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘Now you are going to pray to Bashar Al Assad because he is your god.’ So he told me, ‘Say Bashar Al Assad is my god.’”

He also added that its really unfortunate the amount of torture the people go through while they are held in these prisons and especially the sisters who are raped by the soldiers

Those who do wrong in this life are disgraced and humiliating on this Dunya and in the hereafter.. Bashar Al Assad is now disgraced and everyone openly sees his crime against humanity, may Allah guide him and if not guide him may Allah deal with him righteously... Please pray for the Muslims in Syria as that is the least we can do, May Allah bring Victory to the blessed land of Syria Ameen



revert of many years
MAy Allah punish those who commit these terrible crimes and reward those who are patient in face of such suffering


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This is barbaric
May ALLAH bless those who where treated in such a disgusting way
There not human they are animals those who do those things to people

Eman Yousuf

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This is atrocity beyond barbarism, only human can do to human.

May allah (swa) help them, and punish the tyrant, may the oppressed attain highest place in
jannah and the tyrant in the lowest of the low hell fire .

May allah (swa) guide all of us for better.

wa salaam