Assalaam walaikum,


Sister Shyhijabi is very modest about her occupation.

She expresses a general and sincere concern about healthcare.

Yet, there are some of us that do not share the same views about healthcare. And that is ok, too. We are entitled to have and practice different forms of treatment.

Happy 2BA Muslim


the products of the society will parrot what the system as taught them, even if they are wrong. It's great that your a doc,good for you. But don't go thinking you know better than others, you would be no different than the social workers that break families apart thinking they are doing good when it's the other way round. Humans survived without vaccinations and they will till end of the world. You can pump your darlings with unwarranted "vaccinations" all you want, but stop imposing your views and your "real" research on others.

You won't find much anti-vaccine "real" research based facts because such people are silenced rather quickly. It's bad for business and profits for people to stop taking vaccinations, especially when the politicians are the board members, directors and investors of these corporations.

:salam2: Sister,

I really intended not to reply anymore on this thread, as I think enough evidence has been presented so that people can make a well-informed decision, and further discussion will only cause us to go around in circles. :laughing-dancing:

But because I have been around long enough, and read many of Sister ShyHijabi's posts, she will probably not reply to your post (so not to make it look personal). I will reply on her behalf:

  • She never said that she knows better than others. She presented the facts based on real scientific evidence. It is up to you to take it or leave it. The creator of this thread asked for information regarding vaccinations, and that is what was given.
  • Lots of humans died WITHOUT vaccinations, and will continue to die till the end of time. Read the previous posts above.
  • Please show me one single sentence in Sister ShyHijabi's posts that makes you believe she is imposing her views on others. Just one sentence.
  • We believe in alternative medicine interventions, but none exists (until today) that is equivalent to vaccines in its effect to prevent diseases such as polio, measles, mumps...etc. We pray that something is discovered in the near future based on sound evidence.
  • I kindly ask that you take off your "conspiracy hat" off, just for a little while, so that you can see the clear picture.

At the end, I ask Allah to show us the truth so that we may follow it, and show us what is false so that we can avoid it.