Video Six Year Old Youmna Hafiz Of Quran in Egypt


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[imgleft][/imgleft] 6 year old Youmna is a Hafiz of Quran, She has memorised it all. Her Family is nice ISlamic one which helps their little girl with her studies. Both Worldly Education and Relgious Education is important for every Muslim.. and is an obligation for both men and women. This video shows how her Egyptian parents have managed to make an ideal environment for their children to prosper and learn Islam as well as study other subjects and have time to play and enjoy their childhood.



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Masha allah.

Thanks for sharing your Video. :subhanallah: great parenting. Great parenting; Dose any one can translate them into English, That’s how none Arabic can have better understanding of them.


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Masha'Allah, may we all follow the example of these parents, and may Allah(SWT) give them baraqah in abundance, insha'Allah.:)

Abdul Hasib

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Oh I guess it really does. That's funny I always use to think that it won't work if the video is black at the begining.