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at first i laughed at the rules of the game.. but anyway, here goes mine.
'Hoist flag P about 12 hours before sailing (during daylight only)'



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"Read the celestial sign!"

It was hard for this one cause its not exactly sentences..

xAllahKnowsBestx said:
I like this game.

Me too. :) You end up getting curious as to what the rest of what someone is reading says....or what book it is..


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Asalamu alaikum...

Nice game... But :lol: ...
I have got four books in my access but two of them does not have 56th page... and the third one has no 5th sentence on the 56th page... The only one book with 5th sentence on 56th page quotes, "The more we read it , the more discoveries we make and the more we feel that we are reading it for the first time."

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Ayla olisi halunnut juosta mammuttien luo ja koskettaa niitä, ilmaista kunnioituksensa ja osallistua niiden iloon.

(Sorry the language.)


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:salam2: sister harb, i used google tranclate to try and find what it means and that didnt make any since, im not sure if its the fought of google trancslate or the text didnt make any since in that context,

it was something about a mammath and a person going to take care of the mammoth, only it was written in a really awkward way,

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Ok translation by myself:

"Ayla olisi halunnut juosta mammuttien luo ja koskettaa niitä, ilmaista kunnioituksensa ja osallistua niiden iloon."

Ayla would like to run to mammoths and touch them, show hers respect and take part they joy.

I have seen google translation may not work well everytimes. Language is Finnish by the way.

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"With the global pressures for economic viability and the inherent links with the perceived need for an increasingly skilled workforce, schools remain in an especially challenging position in relation to implementing ECM."


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