~Weird~ what happened to the Forum


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Assalamu alaykum, we are improving the site as we speak. Brothers and sisters tell us what you would like to see more of and in sha Allah we will build it.


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same here esperanza and yes i remember u ma sha Allah :love_heart:
i met some great sisters here and still have contact with some of them, they are my most beloved sisters..
let's get it more active our selfs im just still trying to figure out how it works now :D


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im not new here, i was here a few years back ,some of you will remember me as Esperanza
recently i re registered here

but im surprised how quiet it is here... we used to have such lively and interesting debates and questions.. there were many very active members..some too active ,some of us were too outspoken or clashe with others.. but it was active ,you felt part of a real community... what happened..where has everyone gone.. or why are they all so quiet:12-angryredarms::12-angry-blue::confused-82::cold::agreed::rolleyes:
Calm down calm down sister :) we are all here but as brother Mabsoot said it's the social media addiction ....

sister herb

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I feel unwelcome. :(

Why´s that?

Let me give you a hug.
Salamoalaikoem warahmatullahi wbarakatuh,

May Allah help you. For my feeling the website has changed too much. Not everything what is new is better. I miss the blue color and the ease of entering turntoislam.com. You could easily see the discussions that were going on and the questions that were asked. It was easy to contribute, but now it seems that you have to register. Many non-muslim if they see a closed door without having a direct acces to the content, they leave without coming back (also in case of other muslims). Improving the access to the website is very important.

Please feel free to correct me, because it is a long time ago that i entered this website . Some of you will maybe remember me.

Salamoelaikoem arahmatullahi wbarakatuh,