What is the punishment for apostasy?

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Is apostasy preordained?

Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) order the killing of apostates?

What is the punishment for apostasy?

“Whoever changed his religion, then kill him” Sahih al-Bukhari

Apparently the above hadith contradicts the Qur'an, it implied to say no capital punishement if the reason solely due to apostasy unless apostasy leading into treason.

Pls let me know what is your view?


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No, the hadeeth contradicts their intellect.

There is an ijmaa` (consensus) of the scholars that the apostate is to be killed and there is no doubt about this. He is given some time to repent and if he does not turn back to Allaah, he is to be executed by the judge. Obviously, this ruling can only be implemented by the judge in a state that rules by the sharee`ah law.


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no penalty for apostasy. this is free religion. leave it or embrace it. no force. punishment about this is with Allah