What Religion Islam Speaks About?

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    Although Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has died but he has left mankind with his teachings and blessings that are present in the form of Quran and Sunnah. He has also stressed on mankind to strongly hold onto the Farewell speeches in the valley of Arafat. If people hold on to the teachings of last messenger, they will never deviate from the right path. The teachings that he has left for all mankind need to put into practice to live a peaceful and happy life. Islam is a religion that takes great care of all the affairs of humanity. It is clear that man cannot be saved in the hereafter without getting saved in this world. This safest way and path is provided by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

    Islam is sometimes misunderstood by some people. They think that it is just the religion that speaks about rituals like fasting, prayers, almsgiving and pilgrimage. However, it is not just a religion, instead it provides guidance in every aspect of life. It has thrown its light on the aspect of economy as well. In the field of economic development, the goal is not only of material gains, instead it is about the welfare of all humans. Islam clearly maintains the right balance between the physical and material aspects, between the social and individual needs as well. Everyone is completely free to carry on any business that he likes and he has been warned not to indulge in it. If he fails to listen to this warning, he will get into trouble.

    Islam has also laid down great importance and emphasis on cleanliness. The concept of cleanliness in Islam covers the religious, spiritual and physical aspect as well. Before performing any type of rituals that are prescribed by Islam, a person should clean his body and his dress as well. Furthermore, his environment must also be clean. Cleanliness should not only be in the physical sense, instead the body also needs to be purified from the evil doings as well. Furthermore, Islam also gives special important to discipline, regulation, management and various other terms that are related to the organization. Contrary to that, Islam emphasizes on people through the Quran that they should live in the orderliness and putting things in the right place.

    Islam has also given lots of important to be faithful and warmhearted as well. The Quran has also thrown its light on this aspect of life as well. His companions were very dear to him. He extended his greetings to all those who were not aware of his teachings. He treated all people with great affection and kindness. Islam has also spoken about the importance of neighbors as brothers and sisters because of their closeness and also living in the same vicinity. He said that it is not good that a Muslim sleeps with full stomach after having a good meal and his neighbors starve. He also laid down the foundation for a friendly cooperation and relation.

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