What was the last relieved verse in the quran?


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Asalamaleikum wr wb brothers and sisters in Islam..

I hope u are doing great inshaAllah..
I have a question, what was the last relived vers in the quran?
please clearified this for me with evidence inshaALlah..

BarakaAllahu feekum ..


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some say its Surah Ma'idah, chapter 5, verse 3 - when Allah says, '...This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion...'

Other verses of the Qur'aan were revealed after it, and a popular choice among the scholars of tafseer for the last verse revealed is:

"And fear the day when you will be brought back to Allaah..." [2:281]

And Allaah knows best.


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I have absolutely no knowledge about this, but why did I hear somewhere that it was a verse about riba??


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salam alikoum wa rahamatu Allahi wa barakatuh

I've read many times that the last verse was:

واتقوا يوما ترجعون فيه إلى الله ثم توفى كل نفس ما كسبت وهم لا يظلمون

And guard yourselves against a day in which ye will be brought back to Allah . Then every soul will be paid in full that which it hath earned , and they will not be wronged .
-suratu Al-Baqara 281-

and he (pbuh) said put it (the verse) between verse of Ribah and verse of Ed_Din and some said that the Angel Jibreel(gabriel) said to him(pbuh) where to but "the number (281) of Al-Baqara surah"

and that was 9days before that He died (peace be upon Him)

Allah is the most knowing


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it would be have to be 5:3 or its a contradiction

I am confused about this. How could Allah say he had perfected the religion, and then continue to reveal more verses? If he had already perfected the religion, then that would mean the Qur'an was complete.