What's going on in Bangladesh?


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That's horrible. JazaakAllaahu khayr for the links.

I found this:



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salaams to all

i also dont know much but i have learnt that the party in power now, the Awami League is behind the violence as they are somehow using it as a way to ensure they remain in power.
also, a blogger was killed recently due to his anti Islamic blogs where he insulted Rasullullah(SAW)
the govt(Awami League) is saying that they have blocked some anti islamic blogs & sites etc but reports from Bangladesh say that its not true.
actually, the govt has done the opposite- they have blocked Islamic sites that speak against the govt and the secular Bangladesh it is trying to create.
from a Hizub ut Tahreer article(not that i support them or anything like that):
Ever since Awami League came to power, its primary objective has been to serve its foreign masters namely India and the US, with no loyalty to the country. Therefore, in order to further its strength and dominance in the army it facilitated India to carry out the BDR massacre that led to the brutal killing of over 70 senior army officials. The destruction of the BDR has completely opened up the nation’s border security to India. Not content with destroying the BDR, the Awami League went further and withdrew the Bangladesh armed forces from the Chittagong Hill Tracts, where India is extremely active in sponsoring insurgency movements such as the ‘Shanti Bahini’.

Ignoring the plight of the people of the country and the national interest, the Awami League government decided to sign a Memorandul of Understanding with India, granting transit through Bangladesh in the name of ‘Trans-Shipment’, something it was unable to achieve between 1996 and 2002.

The Awami League government has granted the US Navy access to the Chittagong port to carry out so called training exercises that are known as ‘Operation Tiger-Shark’. This not only provides US navy with intelligence of our naval practices but also grants them leadership over our navy.

The Awami League government has also joined forces with the US in its war against Islam and the Muslims in the region. Following the foot-steps of the war-mongering US, they are creating fear amongst practicing Muslims in Bangladesh by labelling them as terrorist or war criminals. They have deliberately created an image of Bangladesh, to the world, as a country infested with terrorism. However, it fails to ignore the terror reign of the Awami League government and its loyal student wings Chatro League and Jubo League across the country, including the education institutes. The Awami League government’s attack on Islam is not just restricted to tearing the veil off school girls but also, banning the wearing of any Islamic garments in the educational institutions, removing Islamic teaching from any educational curriculum, removing Islamic politics from the country through constitutional amendments and striking at the core of the Muslim identity. Even though Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country, people fear to identify themselves as a Muslim.

its very sad to see muslims who are muslim by name only
their appearance, habits, character, way of thinking etc are all in line with the kuffaar.

and Allah ta'ala knows best


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As-salamu Alaykum

I am from Bangladesh, I lived there for 14 years, so I kinda know what is going on there. What is going on now is total chaos. Jamat e Islami, the political party that supported Pakistan during the 1971 war and committed numerous and countless war crimes is now back in action. Reason? Bangladesh finally started the trial for the war criminals and two of them are sentenced to death and one of them is sentenced for life. The Youth of the nation started mass protest when Quader Mollah, the secretary general of Jamat e Islami I suppose, was sentenced for life instead of receiving death penalty. He was convicted for many crimes including killing over 600 people, rape etc.

The funny thing is those war criminals who raped, killed many people turned into Islamic Scholar after 1971. Furthermore, Jamat e Islami became friends with both Awami League and Bangladesh National Party (BNP), two of the biggest parties of the nation in order to gain power. In recent times, they are in a coalition with BNP.

Now the problem is shibir, shibir is the student organization of Jamat, it is one of the most violent student organization that ever existed in our country's history. Recently they started slaughtering policemen and bloggers. At least 10 policemen are beaten to death by them. They openly support Pakistan (still, can you imagine? ) as well. You have to realize that Jamat has backing from both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and all the recent videos and posts on Facebook and stuff are highly fabricated. They are vandalizing Temples, and burning down Hindu villages. They claim themselves as Muslims but during the Jumah prayer of last Friday, they intentionally and purposefully burned the carpet of the Baytul Mokarram Mosque, the National Mosque of our country. They did it even before the prayer was finished and now people in our country are terrified to go to Mosque.

Now it will be unfair and biased if I don't criticize Awami League. What Awami League is trying to do, is to eliminate all the major political parties/ opposing parties. So that they remain in power for a very long time. In my personal opinion, the hatred that people have toward Jamat e Islami will make things extremely easy for them. Besides, BNP always had backing of Pakistan and Awami League always had backing from India. India has always played a role in our country's politics and its not surprising that they want Jamat e Islami eliminated.


It's like there is an information blackout,biased neighboring country media showing one side of the picture,wherein articles hailing brave protesters cheering death sentences of "war crime" accused,going to any extent even insulting the things we can never imagine.May Allah help us and guide us.Ameen



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Is it peaceful there? However, the Bangladeshi government has forced Muhammad Yunus from his position at Grameen Bank, according to NPR. Muhammad Yunus, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, was ordered out of his position as managing director of Grameen Bank by Bangladesh Bank, the central bank for the nation of Bangladesh.

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I talked at the last week with my friend who lives in Dhaka. He told that situation in there is not very danger for the average citizens - specially if try to avoid areas where demostrations happen. What there is still going on in the political life is other thing of course.

The Bangladeshi government forced Muhammad Yunus to leave his position from Grameen Bank already at the spring 2011 - so that doesn´t seem to be much to do now with those political problems in there but with the war crimes trial against opposition politicians belonging to Jamaat-e-Islami and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.