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i have a question. when women pray together with the jamaat on ju'mah, what should be prayed after 2 fardh with the imaam? because i've heard different answers from people. what our teacher told us is that pray 4 sunnat before praying with the imaam, then praying 4 fardh, 2 sunnat and 2 nafl after praying with the imaam. so what should be the right way?

um muhammad al-mahdi

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
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inshaAllah it will help:

Q: A brother from Algeria asks: "Is there Sunnah Ba'diyyah/Qabliyyah (supererogatory Prayer performed after/before an obligatory Prayer) performed on a regular basis before or after Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer?

A: There is no Sunnah Qabliyyah before Jumu'ah Prayer according to what is sound of the two opinions held by scholars, but it is prescribed for the Muslim, when he comes to the Masjid (mosque), to pray whatever Allah enables him to pray, saying Taslim (salutation of peace ending the Prayer) after each two Rak'ahs (units of Prayer). This is because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The (optional) Salah by night and day should consist of pairs of Rak'ahs. Narrated by Imam Ahmad and Ahl-ul-Sunan (authors of Hadith compilations classified by jurisprudential themes) with a good Isnad (chain of narrators); the original is to be found in the Sahih without any mention of the day.)

Many Sahih (authentic) reports indicate that what is prescribed for the Muslim when they enter the Masjid (mosque) on Friday is to offer as many Rak'ahs (units of Prayer) as they wish before the Imam ascends the Minbar (pulpit). The Prophet (peace be upon him) did not specify whether it should be two, four or more. All of that is good, but the minimum is two Rak'ahs which is known as Tahiyyat-ul-Masjid (two-unit-Prayer to greet the mosque). With regard to offering Salah after Jumu'ah, there is Sunnah Ba'diyyah (supererogatory Prayer performed after an obligatory Prayer) performed on a regular basis, the minimum of which is two Rak'ahs and the maximum is four. This is based on the Hadith in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said: When anyone amongst you observes Salah after Jumu'ah, he should observe four Rak'ahs. The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to offer two Rak'ahs after Jumu'ah in his house. May Allah help us all to do what pleases Him! [Fataawa Ibn Baaz, Vol. 12, pp 386-87]