Young child reciting surahs


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:salam2: I saw this child recite and couldn't help but smile, he is so happy and upbeat :ma: , even when he messes up. lol.



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assalamu aleikum oeghti,

yes when i saw the video at the other site I first looked at the previous posts if it wasn't already posted, i saw your thread, but when i tried to open the video, it wasn't available anymore. Subhanallah, i just saw that another user put the same link after me, so you were first :ma: I think the moderators will delete ours, I don't know how that works.:shymuslima1:

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aww.. masha'ALLAH he was amazin alhamdulilah... i loved how he recited...inspirin masha'ALLAH may ALLAH swt bless him and his parents ameen ameen May He grant them jannatul firdausa a3laa ameen ameen

wassalaamu 3aleykom!

p.s jazaka'ALLAHu khairan sis oem for sharin with us...hayaki'ALLAHU:)