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Please I need help brother and sister who can assist by Allaah name, I need to continue school by the way. I need to continue my Islamic studies from a any place or Islamic schools. Right now my paren...
Islam is remaining,if someone says assalamu alaykum and you didn't reply is better to reply because of is constant or composer.May Allaah save guide us ameen by the way, I'm single. Assalamu alaykum
israel mugisha
when did islam start? Is it true that islam older than christianity?
Woww interested, please contain this number by whatsapp, 0503256866
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This my whatsapp +233261880016
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All hear, all see and all knowledge belong to Allaah. Le's share knowledge to benefit each other by Allaah pleasure, somethings you must to know unfortunately we couldn't gone through it like some don'...
and  like this.
kamar deen
Yes, bro. . exactly. . let's gain knowledge as much as we can. . as seeking knowledge is a part of faith. .
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