Yasmeen bint Munir

Lives in Seattle, Washington United States · 22 years old
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Yasmeen bint Munir
We are always looking for remedies to make our bodies healthy,...but what about our heart, our soul? Do we ever try to cure our weak eeman?!
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We Should improve our soul with Praying and taqwa... إنَّ الصَلاة تنهی عَنِ الفحشاء و المُنکَر
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my name Joy, i am looking for good relationship with you , please contact me here then i can tell you more about myself ( [email protected]
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Yasmeen bint Munir
Assalamu Alaikum wa rahamatallahi, may peace & blessings be upon all of you! I have decided to share some of the posts I have posted (& been posting) up on my Google Plus page (you can find me there u...
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