Inthikhab Farook

Lives in Colombo · Born on August 14, 1977
Captcha Challenge
my name Joy, i am looking for good relationship with you , please contact me here then i can tell you more about myself ( [email protected]
my name Anita,i saw your profil today became interested in you and i will like to have good relationship with you, please write me true my mail box ( [email protected]
Hi Dear,
happy to write u here Please contact me on this e-mail for serious matter!! OK, i will reply u with all details about me,

[email protected]
my name is miss rose douglass, I am well pleased to contact you after going through on my search for close friend,you can reach me through my personal email address ([email protected])in ...
Inthikhab Farook
Got a friend request from one Sheikh Sharrif, upon checking his profile, before i accepted his request, i found out, he is some sort of Magician and is posting various comments which falls in to the ...
Inthikhab Farook
best thing to do is to unfreind him and hope for the best, we have done our part.
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Zaman GM
"Nahi Anil Munkar"
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