irham alfatih

Lives in Tulungagung, Indonesia · Born on April 16, 1987
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irham alfatih
irham alfatih
assalamualaikum brother ,
I am new on this page , I do not know the function of this page is like facebook or other social media . but because I am very happy to write I will write wherever I can .

you ...
irham alfatih
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Wa`alaikm salaam. If I understood correctly, you're saying you don't approve of all those practices, right? (dhikr after prayer, sholawat reading... soorat Yaaseen for the dead, etc.)
October 31, 2013 Like
irham alfatih
Syukron Akhi. I appreciate the comments you and may we always istiqomah in goodness. amin
November 1, 2013 Like
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