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Easy Teaching For Kids
Wherever you are... Whoever you’re with... Whatever you do...
Don’t forget you’re Muslim..., Don't forget you have some obligatory
duties...And never forget; That you have a Lord who's watching
your acti...
Easy Teaching For Kids
Every day, set your mind in the right direction. Find something to be grateful for.

Al Hamdulillah...
Easy Teaching For Kids
Everything stems from Allah, for example a phone, running on a chip, made by man, created by Allah. And to Him is our return.
Easy Teaching For Kids
Always think of Allah in the best and the most positive of ways .... because Allah himself says" I am as my slave thinks I am."....don't ever lose hope in his endless mercy.
Easy Teaching For Kids
Make the most of Fajr time for Religious routines--including Study, Remembrance, and Recitation of Qur'an...
and  like this.
Zaman GM
In Sha Allah.
January 7, 2014 Like
Easy Teaching For Kids
(Ya Rabbi as'aluka ridaaka). O Allah be pleased with me.
Easy Teaching For Kids
Seek forgiveness at your home, in the market and on the road, you never know when the door of forgiveness is opened.. - Hasan Albasri
Easy Teaching For Kids
Ya Allah! Embellish us with beauty of Emaan and
make us guides who are themselves guided.

Aameen Ya Allah...
Sayyidah Ali
December 19, 2013 Like
Ashiqur Rahman
ameen ya mowlaee kareem
December 19, 2013 Like
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Life becomes too hard only when you stop believing in Allah..
November 21, 9:49 am

"Seek knowledge of your Deen and the Dunya will start to make sense."
November 19, 7:18 am
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