Syed Omar

Lives in Pakistan · Born on October 30, 1991
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Syed Omar
Slave of Allah
Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh brother.
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Zaman GM
Syed Omar
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Syed Omar
Bro i don't know why muslim states not stand for their brothers and sisters... If anyone state stand to help them then no one attack on Palestine or any muslim state, As civilian we just speak against them and built pressure on government and we can boycott the products of israel .
August 18, 2014 Like
Syed Omar
Evelin J Sapp
Yes, pray for palistine that they will be able to worship allah, earn a descent living and not have to beg and celebrate the eid after fasting all month. Yes. pray to Allah that he won't destroy the USA or any other country if they have turned away from him and yes pray to allah that he will give t...
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