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Jawed Iqbal
Attain the most reliable Spiritual cures for any illness
Spiritual cure (Rohani Ilaj) can be used for the treatment of any disease, any spiritual issue, and many other related issues which need our att...
Jawed Iqbal
May Almighty Allah help us towards right direction?
Dawateislami’s mobile app delivering the (Direction of Qibla) is the most downloaded android app to locate the exact direction for performing Salah. ...
Jawed Iqbal
Solutions to all your problems are just a Click away
Well it is a precise widely held spiritual healing process. We have made Rohani ilaj process very easy, plus planned and ensure an effective health-...
Jawed Iqbal
Excellence of poverty :

The idea of social prohibiting emerged mainly in reaction to this type of narrow description of poverty. Islam has contributed significantly towards the excellence of poverty as...
Jawed Iqbal
Excellence of hiding one’s needs

Performing righteous good deeds in your own private moment and space without interference is in fact a Sunnah. Hiding the worldly needs in such a way often boost one’s ...
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