Salam Aleiykum brothers and sisters.

I thought it might help some people if I would share my story with everyone.
I live in Belgium, people are catholic here. I was raised a catholic but I never really believed. Until one day, we needed to write an essay in school about what we believe in. I had n...

I was so down. Asking myself, why is this happening? I went through the stories of the prophets, and this is what I can summarize..

You know tawakkul is when Prophet Moosa's (a.s) mother put his son in a basket and let him go.

Obedience is when Prophet Ibraheem a.s placed the knife on his son's ...

Who of Mankind Loves You the Most? Smile

At this moment, angels are with us, looking, listening, and writing. A question for you: Who from the people around you loves you the most? And if they really love you, what do they do? They make duaa’ for you! Can you believe that the greatest of Angels make...

Hi, Hello, Exuse me Smile

BOY: Hi, May I drop you at your college?
GIRL: No thanks! I have my own means (legs). Better drop some handicapped one.

(2) BOY: Hello! May I help you to lift your burden?
GIRL: Yes! Can you lift my burden of sins as they have overburdened me.

(3) BOY: Excuse me! We all are...
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