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Nadine Sauriol
There are 12 Islamic months in the #IslamicCalendar, It is also used by Islamic to determine the proper days Islamic holidays have been marked. | #IslamicCalendar2017 | #HijriCa...
Nadine Sauriol
Nadine Sauriol
On the visibility of the earliest crescent moon - An Islamic calendar for Makkah

An article which establishes the scientific character of the Makkah Calendar and explains the methodology used to calcul...
Nadine Sauriol
Scientific Calculations and Crescent Visiblity based Islamic Calendar

Makkah Calendar - Islamic Calenadr based on hilal sighting(crescent) and scientific calculations.
Nadine Sauriol
Islamic religion daily Five times Prayer, Fajr, Duhur, Asr, Maghrib and Isha Islamic Five times Prayer. Much of Discussion about fajr and isha prayer identical. It has to be noted however that the cal...
Nadine Sauriol
Country Specific Islamic Calendar and Hijri Calendar - Calculation Methodology Updated Basic Information.
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Jumah mubarak
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Apko Bhi Mubarak Ho..!!!
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Nadine Sauriol
Introduction for Makkah Islamic Calendar

The Makkah Calendar is a scientifcally calculated islamic calendar based on predicted visibility of new moon.
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