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Lives in lancashire, United Kingdom · Born on October 4, 1987
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Afzal Shah
All the prohibitions of Ahraam are discharged after qurbani but the private relations between man and wife are permitted only after tawaf.
رأيت بروفايلك اليوم ( والحصول على المهتمين للتعرف عليك
هنا هو بريدي الإلكتروني ([email protected] ) أرسل لي رسالة
البريد الالكتروني بحيث سأرسل لك صورة بلدي واقول لكم المزيد عن نفس...
Jinfer Bacer
My name is jinfer, I will be very happy if you can write me through my private email address(Jenniferbadra2015 for easy communication so that we can know each other, I will give you my p...
nabila yasmin
Are you happy
Not all people,some people yes
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nabila yasmin
Call to Goodness
Salam Sister. Honestly you are completely right. Now here's my challange to you, be the example in the pit evil. Remember when Yusuf (pbuh) was thrown in prison for something he never did, now he was probably scared and alone and he must have felt as though Allah (S.W.A) wasting him to his very limi...
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Amirulislam Amir
you said right. Now every one is selfish.
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nabila yasmin
nabila yasmin
Allah gives you what you can handle...nuffin more nuffin less
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