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Quotes~We need wisdom
''I did not come into contact with any Muslim before I embraced Islam. I read the Qur'an first and realized no person is perfect, Islam is perfect, and if we imitate the conduct of the Holy Prophet......
May Allah(swt) guide and help all Muslims...Ummah of Muhammad(saw) : )
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Quotes~We need wisdom
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Quotes~We need wisdom
Iman is like an aeroplane ride, the higher you go the smaller things on earth look #iman #turntoislam
Ummah 99
Ibn Al-Qayyim mentioned that a person's value is measured according to his determination and his goals. A wise person once said words to the same effect:

"Inform me of a man's determination and I will ...
Ummah 99
Sometimes Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul.
Sometimes he breaks our heart to make us whole.
Sometimes Allah allows pain to make us stronger.
Sometimes he sends failure to make us humble.
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