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Assalamu Alaikum Smile
plz share....
Suhel R Mujawar
now a days so many womens using this cloths as hijab. its not hijab. and ur right to draw pic is haraam its not my pic i download this from google
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Evelin J Sapp
Asalaam alaikum, as a muslimah and a woman, I want to tell you may Allah reward you for defending the right of a woman to be modest. Men face a lot of challenges with women. But to have a correct understanding of hijab for the Muslimah, verses a Christian or a jew or a pagen can be different. Alh...
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Suhel R Mujawar
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Evelin J Sapp
Why don't some men wear beards or loose clothing? Alhumdullilah there are still some men who have beards, wear loose clothing and I even saw one man take his shirt off outside one time.
May 31, 2014 Like
Suhel R Mujawar
i dont know sis. but i will wear beard.... i will loose my cloth.. dont see others deeds we have to show our own deeds !
June 3, 2014 Like
Adnan Nawaz
nice sharing For Us being A Muslim
June 5, 2014 Like
Both men and women have dress codes. For a man it is from just above the navel to below the knees. Taking your shirt off will expose the navel unless he had his pants pulled up over this area. We should lower our gaze inshallah in such situations, if you are a man or women to not see the private ...
June 5, 2014 Like
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