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The land of Jerusalem.
Let us Worship Allah. Let us Live in Peace.
1. Who Built The Baitul Muqaddas in Jerusalem?
2. In which Khilaphat whole area of The Baitul Muqaddas came under Muslims?
3. When Salahuddin al-Ayyubi regain Jerusalem?
4. Declaration date of occupy state of Israel?
5. What is Palestine Muslims wants?
Finally 100%
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Zaman GM
Congratulation Brother SonOfAdam.Smile Dear friends sorry for that mistake yes i should writer Yakub AS not Yakum.(Astagfirullah). Thanks admin to correct this.
Thanks all friends to participate this quiz. Me also have learnt a lot reading something more in this regard.
In Sha Allah i will tell you through...
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hayat khan
i got 100 but after asking 1 question to google.. Tongue
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I only got 1 right ahhhhhh
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sister herb
^^ 1 is better than nothing. Smile
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Syed Omar
i got 80.... informative quiz JazakALLAH khair
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Yes sister herb u r right
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Hazrath Yakub (alai) started baithul muqadhis!!thnx for correction.
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sister herb
Why to use its Hebrew name as Jerusalem (derived from Yerushalayim), not its Arabic/Islamic name Al-Quds?
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