Shamsdeen Kilalile

Born on February 13, 1992
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Shamsdeen Kilalile
Asalaam alykum warahamtullah wabarakatul;
The importance of sunnah and the obligation of reviving it.

Dear brothers and sisters in islam, Allah s.w has given us Din which is islam and the Prophe...
Shamsdeen Kilalile
asalaam alykum ikhwaa,
Its your brother in imaan from tanzania and am kind of a new member, hope i will get cooperation from you.
jazakallahu khaira
Hassan Doss
waalaykum salaam warahmatullaah...welkam
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Shamsdeen Kilalile
thanks alot dear brothers and sister in islam, how wonderful to be here with you, hope i will learn some of the issues concerning how this social network functions coz i got used to fb alot. My first qn; does it operate as community, i mean all members can see your post and not necessary be ur frien...
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