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Shandor Jackson
Shandor Jackson
where I go to pray and connect, it was a great day for a hike in the woods on sycamore trail, where no human tracks were made except for mine, and there were signs of much wildlife to follow for.
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Shandor Jackson
the creator knows what is in our hearts and mind, there is no need to shout.
Shandor Jackson
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Shandor Jackson
1- Shahada
2 - Salat
3 - Zakat
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david powell
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Shandor Jackson
I am on a spiritual walk that has lead me to seek out a Muslim for conversation.
whats wrong brothers. the scientists discovered the microwave background which proves there are 7 heavens and the are around the earth (AND THOSE ARE THE SCIENTISTS)
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Shandor Jackson
why can I not delete this post? I'm tired of notifications about trolls and good people arguing....
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Shandor Jackson
why do my friends believe I am a Prophet?
yes the last prophet in the world is Muhammad SAWA
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Shandor Jackson
I know, but they have a hard time explaining to me why they call me a prophet.
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