Fatima Khan

Lives in Sammamish, Washington United States · 21 years old
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Fatima Khan
Remember it always brothers and sisters
February 23, 2016 Like
We tend to speak so much of the bad folk. “People are selfish” .“People are arrogant”. “People are fake”. It has come to a point where in an attempt to address issues or counter this negativity, we caused even more negativity as a result. That person who complains about everything can cloud upon him...
March 17, 2016 Like
Fatima Khan
I hope that I see the reason for the decisions Allah has made for me..
I trust in him
Fatima Khan
Thank Allah (s) for everything he has done for you
Always remember he takes people & things out of your life for a reason
assalamu alaikum sister i have got women whom i need to give dawah. can you help me.please contact at ghazwanahmed88atgmail
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