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Dont read bad things, which has nothing useless for you it fulls your mind , think good and say good things.
And do not read all the articles which can make you go astray , this is my opinion of courseSmile
Esselamu aleykum, when I am in trouble,
firstly I always pray to Allah, before telling anyone else my matters then I always want people make dua for me ...

I have a complicated business on my work, n...
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Ha Lima
May Allah open the .door of mercy for u and make every thing easy for you.Ameen
August 27, 2014 Like
do not give up sister....allah will surely solve ur problem..ameen
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essalamu aleikum, there is a guy I know who suffers from lung cancer and now he is in operation, could you please make dua for him , may Allah help to all ill persons inshaallah
sister herb
Salam alaykum May Allah keep him safe and helps him to recover soon.
August 15, 2014 Like
May Allah reward you inshaallah, he is good and the operation went well mashaallah
August 20, 2014 Like
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