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  • Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

    May Allaah aid you and keep you guided. Its good to know you're live and well and you're still *with it* alhamdulillaah!
    salaam alikom,

    It's great to see that you still have such an enthusiastic attitude towads islam :) mashallah.

    wa salam alikom
    :wasalam: i've been good, jazakAllah khayran. and jazakAllah khayran for the nasheed. inshaAllah you are doing well yourself :)
    Assalamu Alykum Akhi! :)

    Nice to have you back!! HIH HIP HORAAAY! :D:D:D:D:D

    Always Smile!
    Wassalam. :)

    Too long, where are you akhii? :(

    ur not even replying to my emails now i REALLY hope n pray to Allah that my lil bro is the best of health wa imaan!

    I miss you akhii!

    Please get in touch with your appa

    Assalamu Alykum Brother. :)

    Where you hiding Brother? Hope everything is cool.
    Look forward to seeing you soon InshaAllah.

    Take Care.
    Your Brother. Abu Hurairah. :D:D

    Wa Alykum Salaam. :)
    as-salamu aliekmu bro long time no talk well hope all is well inshallah
    Assallamu alaykum
    little brother
    just want to say Ramadhan mubarak:)
    hope your well inshaAllah
    take care
    wassallam ur rikku bajii lol
    Assalamu alaikum

    Its been a while...just popped in and then thought i'd say Ramadhan Mubarak to you!!!!

    Take care little one :)
    a salam alykum wa rahmatu Allah taala wa barakatuhu brother

    Ramadhan Mubarak to you and the family. May this month bring good health, Ima'an, serenity and Happiness to you and family.

    May Allah swt forgive our sins.

    was salam alykum wa rahmatu Allah taala wa barakatuhu

    Ramadhan Kareem & Mobarak!!!

    May Allah (swt) hasten your pardon..strengthen your iman..perfect your practice..lengthen your hours of worship..and count you amongst those He (swt) purifies in His Month of Fasting..Ameen!
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