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  • Assalamu Alaikum my chatu bhai!!!!
    hope u are alright!! Misssing u lotssss!!!!:(
    but hey...iam droppin by with my ramadhan wishes!!!!
    As-salaamu'alaykum akhhi

    sorry about that llol u can now send me :D

    cant wait hehheheheh :p
    take care akhii

    Wassalaam :D
    Assallamu alaykum beloved little bhai
    jazakallahu khaiyr brother
    i have added the sis to my friends list
    now just hope she accepts!!
    i will inshaAllah make dua for her May Allah make things easier
    for this sis :(
    now what is this little bro??
    cheer up plllllleeeeeeeese wallahi you have never hurt me :)
    im glad to have you here little brother Alhamdulillah
    i won't forgive you because if theres nothing to forgive
    what should i forgive lol hehe
    take care brother
    May Allah accept all your good deeds and reward you abundantly!!
    Ameen ya rabb take care
    and don't worry if you don't reply to the messages its ok
    when you have the time inshaAllah
    i leave you in Allah's care inshaAllah will chat to again soon
    WaAlaikum Asssalaam wr wb dearest beloved brother,,,
    may Allah reward you abandtly for this!!! I have sent my request and Iam more willing to be her *online buddy/sister* I dont live in new jersey:( BUT I am happi to help her out if ever she needs any ranting to do.....JazakaAllah khairan for lettiinng me kno abt her!!
    you take care now,
    Allah bless you for everything you do!ameen
    and pls...dont ask for forgiveness, you have DONE nothing to hurt me, I am glad I kno U my chatu brother thru here, and Iam happi I have U as my brother in Islam!!
    Wa'alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu wa maghfiratuhu! :D

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww OFCOURSE i will send her one brother.
    inshaALlah ill try my BEST to help her out and take her out of her misery through Allah's will! :)

    Dont worry too much brotheer and inshaALlah make dua for her :)

    And hey! You have never upset or angered me yaar, what you saying?
    you never have, your my little brother :D and i Love u *as a bro* filLah! :D
    Chill out, i can never me mad/sad at you.. its IMpossible.
    So... no sad faces please... Chin up and keep smiling inshaALlah!

    "When life gives you a reason to cry, show life you have a 1,000 reasons to smile!"
    And you have me as your sis so u have no excuse to be ":(" loOoOoOoll.. :D InshaALlah.. always praying for you lil bro
    You take care of yourslef and dont owrry, inshaALlah hoping to read your msg soon :)
    *no hurry* :)

    Lots of Love form your sis :)
    look after yourslef well and make dua inshaALlah

    Wassalaam :D

    You need to delete your inbox for me to PM you the rest lol
    tc wassalaam

    your sister Asmaa :)
    This is for you dear chatu....I hope u lyk it inshaAllah!!


    Btw dear akhi....I miss u alot,,,,I hope u r good and that u come back with so many smiley facess inshaAllah, cheeer up dear chatu bhai.....:D
    take gud care of urself and ur Imaan
    Allah hafiz now n alwayss dear chatu bhai
    Allah does not burden a soul with something it cannot bear!! and that wen Allah tests you...He teaching you a lesson, the lesson of *Patience* the lesson of *turning back with duas* and the lesson of appreciation of that which He has bestowed upon you very soul. And I think, you probably kno aalll this, as you try todo your best to please the ONE true Rab!!! and chatu bhai, with BELIEVE and Iman, we'll forever be tested!!! because Allah, wants us to beg Him and love Him deeply!!
    I kno u can hundle this......you jst need patience, and keep ur hands on the air to keepp nagging Allah, the most kind!!!
    May Allah help you in this dunya and the hereafter,may Allah guide you to As-siratul Mustaqeem, may Allah forgive all your sins, and grants you a home in Jannah, may Allah make you one of His pious servents!ameen Ya Ilahi
    Assalamu Alaikum my chatu brotha....

    I hope you doing well dear akhi...
    I dont kno wat to say or wat to write for u.....
    but I'll try ma best to *act* lyk you...hope it works
    dear brotha, see lyf is full of tests and temptations!!! we all find ourselves feeling low at tyms, but strength comes from Allah azzawaja! it's important for u to try and I kno u try to be the best brotha....we all humans, NONE of us is perfect. We sin, and we fall, but we are supposed to get up, get the dust off and move on. I think you are such a nice kid and that u cud standup to many things but kno this akhi:
    As-salaamu'alaykum brotherrrrr!

    Hope your doing okii inshaAllah! Man! Im missing you so much :(

    Tonights the big night being laylatul baraa'ah!! Alhumdulillah we made it to this year safe and sound. But Allah knows if we're gona be here next year. So i just wana say please forgive me if i have ever said anything to hurt you.I really couldnt have meant it. I'd never wana hurt my lil bro but after all we ARE insaan and we're prone to make mistakes, so pls forgive ur sis. inshaAllah. :)
    Make tons and tons of dua for me that Allah guides me on the path of the righteous, and that the 'uloom i am studying, i do 'aml on it. you might have heard this saying, "Al 'ilmu bilaa 'aml kashajari bi laa thamar" That knowledge without any 'aml is like having a tree with no fruit. Man how sad would that be. So pls pls pls make dua for me. I am such a sinful perosn man. Striving to be better but u know, it can get really hard. May Allah make it easy for us.
    Take care, mke dua for me
    Assallamu alaykum little brother...
    Alhamdulillah im so glad to hear from you again
    jazakallahu khaiyr brother for taking your time to reply back!!
    wallahi your messages made me smile :)
    and im glad aswel my messsages made you smile Alhamdulillah.
    its so good to know that you are ok :D
    beloved brother i'l leave you in Allah's care now
    inshaAllah i'l speak to you again i have to make a move now
    hope you forgive me
    keep smiling
    keep me in your duas
    part 2..way for a year! well I dont sound rude or anything and also when I eat spicy food they say oh are you okay to eat that!? im human! I dont have to be Pakistani to like or eat spicy food.. this makes me so sad to see culture taking over peoples minds!!!! Thank you for all the messages they did help me..Jazak Allah
    Salaam Alaikum,
    Sorry I was away from TTI for a little bit
    I already have surha fatihah memorized from a couple months ago :)
    Im Useing a special program to help me pray, you know what I dont like ..
    And I find it to be a cultural thing.. people see me and have n oidea I converted over a year ago and ask questios like do you know who Allah is or do you have the quran..umm are you kidding me!? I am very educated and I have been studying Islam for a long time InshAllah I will learn more every day and get the praying perfected to my best... Also when I go to culture partys like eid or get together and im dressed a certain way people ask oh are you comfortable and im like yes ive been dressing this
    salam alaykum dear abdul hasib my name is taha and i would like to be your friend on TTI .I have a feeling that you are from pakistan and living in USA
    May Allah give u peace, may Allah take away all the pain in ur heart, may Allah keep u in his protection and give u a long life in his path alone,
    May Allah accept ur good deeds forgive all your sins and bring u so close to him, may his love fill up ur heart, my dear brother May u feel that peace comfort n love he alone could give u!!!!
    Ameen ya rabb get ur head up high n remember after every hardship theres ease
    i leave u in his care wassallamu alaykum ur big sis Ruksana
    keep ur sis in ur dua aswel im not 2 well at the moment
    im worried about you:( hope you stay strong inshaAllah everything will be ok
    Assallamu alaykum little 1
    my belovd teeny weeny little wittle bhai lol
    u are in my duas brother *sisterly hug*
    i know u are strong inshaAllah everythin wil b fine
    u have Allah by ur side n im going 2 try my best to b
    there 4 u when u need me inshaAllah il listen to everythin
    u want 2 say...
    whatever u are going thru i ask Allah 2 make
    everythin easy 4 u... Ameen
    i wish i could be there 4 u :( unfortunately not
    but im miles away :( ur in my duas
    don't worry brother u don't ever have to reply back 2 my messages
    as long as your ok... i'l be glad
    i hope the next time u message me i will get a big mushy smile
    sayin everythins better inshaAllah...
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