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  • In shaa Allah i will try. Yes, strictly no weapons. But fishing rod wont be considered as aweapon i believe.

    May Allah give you relief from ur anxiety bro. Remember me in ur dua too.
    I'm actually a little shocked at how clear this is.

    May Allah reward you for bringing this to attention.
    Oh i see. Cos the last time i was in china i asked my guide about it. He said it will be about 20 USD. Money doesnt matter wallahi, i really want to get that for u. But it is pointless to carry it allthe way from one end of the world to another when we can get it from our place for almost the same price, isnt it? Thats the reason i asked.

    I have a gut feeling that i wontbe going out cos the schedule is same as the one i went through two months before where i didnt go out. But in shaa Allah i will try my best.

    And u started business? Found someone to marry? Lightning struck on ur head? Any good news? (Hehe)
    In sha Allah in 26 days bro... feels great. Alhamdulillah.
    Here it is cold and i keep my heater fully turned on. Haha. Bro 1 question. How much is that fishing rod in india? Cos i saw the china schedule and is such a busy 1. I doubt whether i will get to go out...
    Wa alaykkum assalaam wa rahmathullahi wa barakaatuh,

    Alhamdulillah, i m fine. How u doing?
    I m in the middle of pacific bro. Heading to China. How is ur city?
    No i m back now... oh come on do tease me by calling me scholar... :)
    what you wanted to ask me about???/
    No i m back now... oh come on do tease me by calling me scholar... :)
    what you wanted to ask me about???/
    wa 'alaikumassalam warahmatullah
    busy hein bhai aaj kal zyada online nahee aa pate..aap sunaiye kese hein?
    sab kheriyat hei?
    just recently I been to home and as you know a lot of work pressure... Hard Time :)
    And I also tried to read some of the Islamic books... got bored from scientific journals...
    you did not tell me about your studies...
    Asalamu alaikum...
    alhamdillilah ghar me sab theekh hai...
    you say how are your studies going on?????
    need your duas brother...
    Asalamu alaikum mere dost...

    How are you doing and how is everybody at home...
    say my salaam to everyone ar home...
    Oh!!! LOL, yea brother, yahoo n all is such a waste of time, thats why I kinda mostly ignore them, btw how r u doing?
    40+ degs!!! subhan Allah... i guess it should be the same in my town too.. good thing is that we are along the coast so alhamdulillah there is some sea breeze, but still it would be hot now... and yes bro! this load shedding is such a pain. but i don't know how many hours they cut off the power.. when i was there it was for 4 hrs. I think we should shift to bangalore or kerala.. haha.
    i'm more concerned about finding the shop in US. cos the place that i went last time didnt seem to have these shops. but then in shaa Allah lets see what happens.. and you tell me bro, how is the climate in your hot n spicy city?
    no brother. i rarely use them... but i do use gtalk, may be once in a month.. haha.. guess what? i went out in a city in china and I told my guide to stop at a shop where we can get some fishing equipment.. that guy tempted me with all these good things and said 'when we go back we can stop and buy' but when we were finally going back he turned his back and said he havent got time.. i really wanted to surprise you but... Allah has His plans.. anyway.. in shaa Allah i will try in LA if not i'm coming back to this chinese city again.. lets see. but you know about my work.. NO promises.. haha...
    oh bro! i thought i sent you a VM earlier only to find that i didn't.. hehe.. anyway.. in shaa Allah let me know something about that fishing rod... if i find anything in Los Angeles in shaa Allah, i will get it for you...
    wa 'alaikumassalam warahmatullah
    bhai alhamdulillah aapki duayein hein.
    Yahaan bhi garmee bohot ho gayii hei aur aaj kal electricity bhi bohot zyada jane lagee hei.
    Aap sunaie kese hein?
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